Island Temples of Aswan

Last Saturday we visited the islands of Philae and Elephantine. The island of Philae was also part of the UNESCO project of temples moved during the construction of the Aswan High Damn. The island is situated between the old Aswan Dam and the Aswan High Dam. We were told by our guide that the water … More Island Temples of Aswan


Abu Simbel

Yesterday we had a 4 AM wake up call to Abu Simbel. The drive took just over 3 hours to reach our destination. We drove through mostly desert and even saw our first mirage. It literally looked like a huge body of water was out in the desert! Once we arrived at Abu Simbel we … More Abu Simbel

The temple of Edfu

Yesterday we left Luxor and started to head to Aswan. It took six hours with a stop off in Edfu. The temple of Edfu is another Greek built temple during the Ptolemaic kingdom of ancient Egypt. The temple was dedicated to the god Horus, who just happens to be the goddess Hathor’s husband (temple of … More The temple of Edfu

Valley of the Kings

Today we went to the valley of the kings. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any photographs from inside the tombs at the valley of the kings, due to flashes causing damage to the reliefs and paint within the tombs. Needless to say it was an amazing experience. We visited three tombs: Ramses III, … More Valley of the Kings

Pyramid Party!

Today we visited three different locations outside of Cairo. We went to Saqqara, Dahshur and Memphis. Our first stop was Saqqara to see the first pyramid of Egypt. The stepped pyramid of Djoser was constructed during the 3rd dynasty and is the first structure of its kind using stones. Prior to stone work the ancient … More Pyramid Party!

Egyptian Museum

Today we visited the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The Museum is two floors and houses an impressive collection of Egyptian antiquities. Once we entered the museum you could buy tickets that allowed you to photograph while inside. The whole experience was amazing, yet slightly overwhelming. There were literally artifacts everywhere! Even little side rooms simply … More Egyptian Museum

Pyramids of Egypt

Today was our first full day in Cairo. We spent the afternoon in Giza at the pyramids. To say it was an unreal experience is an understatement. These structures date back to the forth dynasty of ancient Egypt. The “Great Pyramid” of Egypt was built for Khufu the pharaoh. The construction took place during 2580-2660 … More Pyramids of Egypt


Hello! Welcome to my travel blog. I will be documenting my adventures through Egypt here. Stay tuned for travel updates! ~Shelby